Criminal Law


Possibly the most terrifying aspect of law for an individual is to be accused of a crime and arrested. It is hard to imagine living with the potential that your liberty is at stake. DO NOT TRY TO NAVIGATE THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM WITHOUT COUNSEL! Even minor criminal allegations can escalate out of control if not handled correctly from the beginning. I worked in the DA’s office while in Law School and have been working on criminal matters for 25+ years. I am with my clients from Preliminary hearing through sentencing (if the matter gets that far). Knowing what will happen takes away much of the client’s anxiety. Diulus Law works hard to get the best results for you.


All criminal cases must begin with Preliminary Hearings and Diulus Law can, in many cases, get charges reduced or dropped right at the initial stage. Clients need to bring Diulus Law in from the beginning. We cannot unscramble an egg.

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